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Browse image galleries with the Firefox Flipper URL

We all love image galleries and it’s more fun if the image changes with minimal effort. For this reason, there are fully automatic slide shows. But many image galleries do not offer slide shows. Here’s an interesting trick for flipping images in Mozilla Firefox’s image galleries: The URL Flipper.

It is one of the most interesting utilities and can save you a lot of time. What is done is to examine the gallery URL and identify which part of it needs to be changed to switch to the other image. Why do I only specify image galleries here? Well, the reason is pretty obvious. This utility works best in image galleries because there is a pattern in a URL that keeps changing, keeping the rest of the URL the same. Let’s see how to do it. First, you need to download and install the URL Flipper plugin for Mozilla Firefox. Now follow the steps below.

1) Open Firefox. Go to “History” – “URL Flipper” – “URL Increment”.

2) You will be directed to the URL pattern configuration window. Here are some intuitive options that need to be modified. However, in most cases, Firefox itself determines which segment of the URL should change and will highlight it. Click “OK” to save your preferences.

3) Now, whenever you need to turn the URL upside down, just press CTRL + SHIFT + UP + ARROW UP. Alternatively, you can click “History” – “Flipper URL” – “Fast URL”. To navigate backwards, use the down arrow.

Resources: Download the URL Flipper plugin for Mozilla Firefox here.

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