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Do You Have the Right Personality to Be in Insurance Sales Companies?

Insurance is a tough business, with up to 90% of insurance agents leaving the business within 3 years of joining the industry. While some agents make a lucrative income in insurance business, many others find being an insurance agent is never easy, there is always rejection, rejection and rejection.

There may be circumstantial factors that lead to the departure of certain agents, a certain number of agents who have left the company probably feel that they are not suitable for the company. They may even wonder if it has anything to do with their personality.

Is there a right personality to be an insurance agent? Do you need to have the right personality traits to succeed in insurance business?

Let’s take a look at the different personality types. There are many personality patterns. One of the popular models is DISC Profiling Model designed by John Geier based on the work of William Moulton Marston. In this model, there are four observable personality styles, namely:

Dominance – in relation to control, power and assertiveness

Influence – related to social situations and communication

Stability – in relation to patience, persistence and reflection

Compliance – related to structure and organization

So, people of what personality type are best suited to be in the sales profession?

Generally, salespeople are required to see people, get to know them, build a relationship and convince them to act.

It is always believed that people with High Influence styles are born salespeople since they are good communicators. They are in their element when they are in sales activity.

High Influence style sellers are friendly, optimistic, enthusiastic and outgoing. Being good chatters, they always like to be the ones to start a conversation. They love to mingle with people and are good at using humor to improve relationships. They know many people and have a wide social network. These are the qualities that make them natural sellers.

Does this mean that other personality types are less capable of being exceptional sales producers?

In fact, all personality types have their own unique strengths to do well in sales activity.

Sellers with high Dominance styles are determined, ambitious and aggressive. Success has a special meaning in them. Being a lover of challenges, he likes to raise the list and set a high standard.

Their job is to win and they will not be happy of a mediocre success. They can work very hard to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors. For them, failure is not an option.

Insurance companies with high compliance styles excel in sales activity by diligently following sales systems and processes. They are also good at organizing work in a systematic way.

They value accuracy and pay attention to detail. They do quality work and give quality results while maintaining focus and demonstrating a high degree of commitment and professionalism.

Insurance Stores with High Stability can easily connect with people. Being patient and caring, they are able to empathize with customers. This helps them better understand the needs of the customers.

Regardless of which personality you belong to, you can be equally successful in insurance sales ventures. Discover the strengths of your personality traits and capitalize on them. At the end of the day, it’s you who shapes your destiny.

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