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Health Insurance Citations Without Giving Your Phone Number

Getting health insurance quotes without giving out your phone number is easy and something you should do now. Every time you go online do you stop when you are asked for your phone number and the best time to call? I … I can’t wait to be interrupted at home … especially by a salesman.

Asking for your phone number is an intrusion that most people avoid. The bad news is that they don’t know the market conditions in personal health insurance. Health insurance is an expensive, necessary expense, but it should be something you should never pay too much for. Requesting a phone number is disabled. But there is good news …

You can get a hundred health quotes without giving your phone number. Follow-up and follow-up are requested only, for each person trying to ensure:

· ZIP code

· Gender

· Date of birth

· Smoker or not

· Student or not

Here … no phone number … no medical questions.

My wife and I have been using this free service, with no obligation for 8 years. I hate spending a penny on insurance of all kinds. But I guarantee that I pay the minimum amount for my policy.

I filled this out the other day … it took less than a minute … I received 112 different policy quotes to choose from … the quotes had the first monthly, company name, deductible, co pay, and a really more … I could find out if my current doctor accepted this policy.

You need to know what kind of policy you are looking for. Since we are healthy, exercise and eat well, we seek catastrophically high deductible coverage. These have the lowest first.

But prices vary a lot … I’ve identified a saving of $ 684 per year on what I pay now. So you should use this free service every few months. It’s easy fast … and no one will call.

Once you narrow down the policy that meets your needs, then complete a single application and a single application. It’s not better and much faster to talk to several dozen vendors or saleswomen. This is what you need to do to get the same amount of information with all other web services.

Wouldn’t you rather get health insurance quotes without giving out your phone number?

Here’s how …

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