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What you need to know before calling a Water Damage Insurance Company

When your home or business has suffered water damage, you have two options in place: you can ruin and rust in your insurance company and finally receive compensation for the damage …

… Or you can get your home repaired faster by your insurance company by having these expert tips and techniques up your sleeve!

Stay Calm.

Let’s face it – many of us prefer to get a radical channel that we call an insurance company for water damage. However, don’t let your frustration or anger surface, as this is the fastest way to undermine your efforts to get compensation. Remember, that insurance agent is also a person – and they will be much more likely to help you if you are calm, cool and collected.

Know Your Deductible.

Don’t trust your insurance provider to be quick about every detail about your policy, including your deductible. Your deductible will be determined based on the premiums you pay for your owners ’insurance; therefore, if your premiums are higher, your deductible will be significantly lower. Find your insurance policy and familiarize yourself with your deductible before making that phone call.

Take a few pictures.

Before you can collect compensation from your insurance company, you must provide proof of water damage to your business or home. Use a digital camera that indicates the time and date of the photos, which will help you process your claim faster.

Record with whom you speak.

When pursuing your claim, there is a good chance that you will speak with numerous agents. Save yourself a big headache and make sure you get the name and extension number of the agent you are talking to. Take notes of your conversation and, if possible, record it. While most insurance companies record these conversations, it’s best to arm yourself if your insurance company waives a verbal agreement.

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